Psychic/Medium/Pet Psychic Sessions 

Theresa is able to help you find answers to your questions pertaining to past, present, and future using her Psychic" abilities.  She is able to help you connect to your loved ones  and pets who have passed over by using her "Medium" abilities.  Her God-given gifts allow her to connect with your Spirit Guides (Guardian Angels), loved ones, pets and Animal Spirit Guides.  A rare ability that Theresa has is the gift of Psychometry- using objects to assist in answering your questions.  

  • Pets

For those whose pets are their family, Theresa is blessed with a special gift that allows her to connect with your pets that have crossed over the rainbow bridge to Heaven! Along with this ability, she is able to use her clairsentience to feel what your living pet is experiencing.   

  • Psychometry
The ability to touch or hold an object to feel it's energy, where it has been, and who it belongs to.  If you have a small object that belongs/belonged to a loved one or pet and you feel it would help to connect with their energy, you are welcome to bring it along!  
*Note: Objects that have been handled by many will have too much energy to be able isolate the connection you are seeking.  

  • Family Group Sessions
    Available to a group, up to 6 people, connecting to the same deceased loved one.  Some of us do not get to say goodbye, find closure, and have unresolved questions.  Your Group Reading with Theresa will give you the opportunity to experience the closure needed to move on with your life as your loved one would want. 

Disclaimer: The Psychic/Medium journey you are about to have with Theresa Falk is intended to help connect you to your inner-self and connect with those who have crossed over. In the rare event that a connection is not made with your loved one, other connections can be made and Theresa can help you understand the events of the session. Theresa is NOT a substitute for professional health and/or mental care services, nor is she responsible for any actions you decide to take based upon what transpires during your session visit(s). Once your session is complete, there will be no refunds as Spirit and Energy have come through as you needed at that time. Theresa is a clear channel for information as she connects to your loved ones and Spirit Guides. To make this connection, she is using her own time and energy to do so.