Ask Me Anything

It's my goal to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible with every reading. If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach me directly, as I'm happy to help you in this journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I need to prepare? 

Before your session, it's helpful to think about questions you'd like to have answered or areas in your life you'd like to know more about. I start each session with your guided messages so this may be helpful as we continue in the session. 

Do I need to bring anything? 

Nothing is required to bring along for your reading session. During the session, the pace of our conversation will move quickly and you are welcome to bring along a notebook to take notes or a recording device to revisit your messages. Often times, my clients will bring along items and or pictures belonging to loved ones to the session. This helps me further read energy and spirit. 

How many people can be in a session? 

Shared sessions are best with no more than two people. Please note with extra energy in the room, this can sometimes affect a reading and messages may not always be equally divided as spirit guides the messages during the session. 

Can I bring along a loved one or friend to my session?  

Bringing a family member or friend along to your session may provide you with emotional support. However, it's important to note with the extra energy in the room, readings may be affected and it is possible all your questions may not be answered. Please consider a one-on-one session to receive your intended messages. 

Can I bring a pet to my session? 

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the session. However, I do recommend bringing along photos and items belonging to your pet to help guide the reading. I'll be able to use my gift to hold the objects and read the energy for a more informative reading. Please note, therapy pets are allowed in the sessions, please notify me prior to your appointment.

What if the person I wanted to come through does not come through? 

Sessions are dictated by spirit. Each session is different and you will receive messages meant for you at the time of your reading. This does not mean we won't be able to reach the person you intended for however, I will try to bring the person through if there is time before the session ends. 

Can I bring along my child? 

Yes. Children are welcome to join you as long as you feel your child is able to focus and remain calm during the session. I don't specify a specific age, as I work with gifted kids of all ages who are capable of sitting through the session and understanding their messages. You know your child best and please note she/he does not have to be present to receive a reading from me.